On Wednesday I went to meet with the Chief Instructor of Piping Trades at BCIT.  I had been talking to one of the Associate Deans of the School of Construction of the Environment about Pidp 3240 and wanting to incorporate more educational technology into the classroom.  He suggested I meet with Ron Stewart, because of the strong work they were doing with D2L. I went not expecting all that much and I was astonished with what they had accomplished.  The large piping building was full of apprentices closely organized into various bays, working away on projects. They spend most of their days on the tools and their evenings at home on-line reviewing information.

Ron logged us on to the D2L system and showed me how he was using the system. The Piping Department has one template for all of the pre-apprentice classes and they will populate that course with a student list given them by Administration.  There are links for safety and for practicing electrical circuitry. There are practice quizzes and real quizzes. It’s all very organized and very user-friendly.

The Piping Department helped initiate the use of D2L at BCIT.  It’s truly remarkable that a department that could be characterized as one of the “heavier” trades is taking such initiative in the implementation of technology.

D2L is a learning platform not unlike a moodle, it supports a shift in delivery from traditional face-to-face learning to online, blended, flipped, mobile, and accessible delivery options that facilitate learning anytime, anywhere.


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