Reflections on Media Enhanced Learning, An Overview




After 7 weeks of thinking, networking and working with educational technology I have come away with a deeper understanding of the implications of the networked classroom.  I have a stronger desire to stay current and to use these new technologies in an intelligent and functional manner.

It’s clear to me that education is shifting and it’s important to stay relevant and even employed! What will the classroom of the future look like?  Even an instructor like myself who teaches electrical pre-apprentices and apprentices psycho-motor skills as well as academic concepts must consider how I will be employed in the future?  Will I be teaching in an on-line, interactive format? Will I still have access to a work-shop and laboratory equipment?

What I do feel that is I must stay informed and stay abreast of new technology. It’s been inspiring to connect with other instructors who are facing these same opportunities and challenges. It’s remarkable how networked the classroom already is.  My students are alos an invaluable resource–although I’m not quite sure how to incorporate Snap-Chat into my Lesson Planning!

The best of the best to all of my fellow learners in Pidp 3240!


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