The Learning Community

I welcome laptops and smartphones into my classroom; my classes have closed FaceBook groups, that I hope will be a tremendous long-term resource to myself and my students. Yet sometimes when I look out at a sea of bent heads and listen to the gentle clicking of keyboards I find myself disheartened. I read articles about how FaceBook and other social media can make users feel socially isolated and unable to live up to the glossy portraits of successful lives that are presented by so many. I notice how many of students have a hard time making eye contact or carrying out conversations. This makes me wonder if technology is changing the way we use our minds and the way we interact socially–not necessarily for the better. I greatly enjoy the ease of networked communication, I love that it’s a two way street and that I have many different ways of evaluating and gathering information. I also worry that lack of eye contact if affecting our ability to learn and to connect. Studies show that eye contact affects retention and memory. Does gazing at a screen rather than each other affect us as instructors and learners?  How do you build a learning community if people socialize through smart phones or use them as a retreat during challenging social situations?. A lot of becoming a successful electrical worker involves situations that are physically, socially and emotionally challenging.  If a learners default reaction is to retreat from these discomforts, by reaching for their smart phone, how will they handle the challenges of a job-site?


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