Hi, my name is Anna and I am just starting out as a trades instructor in a technical institution in the Pacific Northwest.  It’s all brand new to me and has come with some distinct challenges and triumphs.  I have been an electrician for (gasp) 16 years now.  I am now teaching the same course that I took when I started out on my career as an electrician.  In my day it was called Entry Level Trades Training and now it is called Trades Foundation.

I am also an avid Yogini and a sometime Yoga Teacher.  This has helped me to be gentle and firm, to set clear boundaries and to help people exceed their own personal expectations.

Part of my journey is learning how to teach in a formal setting.  I’ve taught many apprentices trade skills and the ability to successfully navigate sometimes complex job-site relations.  Although I am familiar with the curriculum it’s challenging communicating it to 16 students at 7:30am!

Luckily enough I have some experience with teaching yoga and with managing people!  I’ve run some decent size jobs and dealt with lots of customers.  Yoga has helped me to keep my sanity and gives me a sense of being grounded and really ready for anything.   It’s kept my body and my mind fit and strong in challenging work environments.

I am taking the Provincial Instructor’s Diploma Program to learn and hone the skills I will need to be a successful instructor.


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